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Updated: Sep 26

September 24, 2022 ~ Calgary, Alberta

It was a packed house in the Cardel Theatre as the audience eagerly awaited the official launch of Canadians for Truth, a non-profit organization aimed at standing up for Truth, Freedom and Justice for all Canadians.

The organization was born out of the vision of three powerhouse Canadians: Joseph Bourgault, Theo Fleury and Jamie Salé, each one bringing impeccable resumes of being dedicated, hard-working Canadians who get top results. These three, individually and together, have demonstrated their resolve and approach to challenges with an unyielding passion and determination to succeed, which Jamie Salé attributes to the fact that, "we just don't like losing".

The evening was emceed by Shaun Newman, who guided each speaker with open and unscripted dialogue that brought about a lot of laughter and tears. Joseph, a successful Canadian businessman and President of Canadians for Truth, was first to speak on the mic. He described his vision well, and became emotional when reminiscing about his father, who reminded him as a young man "not to believe everything he hears and only half of what he reads", and that the truth shall set you free. His vision for Canada involves providing opportunities for Canadians to share their truth, which he hopes to promote on his new show, Way of Truth.

Theo Fleury, Jamie Sale and Joseph Bourgault speak to a live audience at Canadians for Truth studios

Theo Fleury was next on the mic, where he spoke in great detail about his healing journey, and how one million dollars and ten thousand hours of therapy have provided him with the ability to give back to Canadians.

"You were all there for me, and supported me when I played hockey. You bought tickets, and came to the games and cheered me on. Now it's my turn to give back to you".

Most poignant was the description of his 'deep dark depression' during the lockdowns, which he attributed to being closely (if not entirely) tied to the 'tactics being used' by both his sexual abuser, and those used by the government. Having been raped by his abuser 150 times, Theo knows what manipulation, coercion, lying, stealing, and cheating feels like, and he is "fucking tired of being abused". He is going to stand up to any kind of abuse and he is going to expose it using things like social media and his new show, Patriot Warrior.
Theo Fleury speaks to a packed audience
With four new shows set to start at the CFT studios; Way of Truth, Patriot Warrior, Unstoppable Truth, and Fire & Ice, Theo hopes that through this avenue, Canadians who are ready, can speak their truth. The three together maintain it is a place where "you will always be supported, you will always have a voice, and we will always listen".

Theo is an unrelenting force and rock-solid advocate when it comes to speaking truth, and he wants to do absolutely everything in his power to turn things around.

And we believe him.

On his own, Theo is effective, however, the power couple that is Theo and Jamie will likely bring about an outcome no one is prepared for. As famous Canadian athletes, the two share a lot of similarities, and are not shy to controversy. They are brave, courageous, and together will be unstoppable, putting all their passion and commitment to the cause.

Jamie Sale at Canadians for Truth
Jamie's new show, Unstoppable Truth, was named after she heard the song Unstoppable by Sia. Her show will be an honest dive into the lives of regular Canadians to hear their stories of challenge, love, and finding the light in their darkest days.

Even at five feet one inch, Jamie Salé has a commanding presence in the room. Through tears, Jamie's recount of her agonizing years of trying to "wake up" friends and family, watching them leave her one by one, and being excluded from her son's 14th birthday dinner (because of her medical status), helped prepare her for what is about to come. She believes in freedom and speaks confidently when she says "our better will be better than theirs". As 'Canada's sweetheart', Jamie Salé exemplifies what it means to be truly Canadian, and is proudly determined to be the guiding light that will help us walk each other home.

Canadians for Truth have big plans. Look out Canada because it's about to get real.

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