Danielle Smith win a nail-biter at UCP Leadership event

Updated: Oct 6

It was a grueling and suspenseful evening for UCP members, as they impatiently waited through a total of six ballot counts to confirm Danielle Smith as the new leader of the United Conservative Party and 19th Premier of Alberta.
And then there were four
As the night went on, one-by-one the other candidates fell off the list, starting with Leela Aheer, followed by Rajan Sawhney and Todd Loewen. Even as the last four emerged, it became increasingly evident who would be declared the winner.

The media vultures began to surround Danielle and her camp, with expectations of her victory closing in. In moments, all cameras would be focused on her, to capture her reaction to hearing her name declared new Leader of the UCP.
Danielle embraces her husband upon being declared the winner
In her speech, Danielle thanked the other candidates, making special mention to Todd Loewen, who reminded us that MLA's are the voice of the people in government, and not the government's mouthpiece to the people. Pleasantly surprising, was the news that UCP MLA's are overwhelmingly in favor of Todd's immediate return to the UCP caucus.

Smith addressed the statements suggested by Notley and the NDP/Liberal coalition that with the Sovereignty Act, it is Danielle's intention to separate Alberta from Canada.

She says that is a lie.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. "What Albertans want is for our province and all provinces to have our rights under the constitution of Canada protected and respected by an increasingly hostile Ottawa regime that seeks to control every aspect of our lives."

"All we want is to live, grow, and prosper in the manner that we choose. We want to set our own force, develop our resources and economy and run our social programs and society as we think best."

When discussing her opposition Rachel Notley and the NDP, Danielle is not afraid. She is poised to take on the task of winning the next election in 2023, and states, "Albertans don't want to elect a socialist NDP government any more than they want to see the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup", and that "it's time for Ms Notley to put the welfare of Albertans above the anti-Alberta policies of her federal NDP leader."

Danielle Smith pledges "I will not let you down"
Danielle is confident that together, we can build the most innovative entrepreneurial and well-educated work force in the developed world, where students are taught to create, build and innovate, rather than to conform, obey, and profess allegiance to failed and outdated ideologies.

After Thanksgiving next Tuesday, Danielle will travel to Edmonton to be sworn in as the next Premier of Alberta, and she can't wait to get started.
She invites every Canadian to partner with Alberta, to build a strong, prosperous, and unified Canada that she knows we can be.

May God keep our land Glorious and Free.

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